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What I Do
I take care of all your computer needs.
Face it-computers and networks are everywhere and integrated in every part of our lives.  They can be complicated when fixing, intergrating new things or buying a new system, this is where I step in. Okitek can advise you on exactly what you need and I can resolve your technical problems or fix and upgrade older systems. Since 1992 I have been doing this for the Marine Corps, friends and family. Give me a call today and I will provide honest, techno-babble free solutions at an affordable price.
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On-Site Help with Any Hardware or Software Problem
Technical specialist on call to help you with any computer needs.
  1. Advice
    Advice over the phone is free. Give me a call to see if I can help you to figure out what you should do. On-site advice is also available and is included in any repair or upgrade requested.
  2. Purchasing
    We don't know what we don't know. Let me help you determine what is available to meet your needs. I can help you decide what will work best and in your budget and then find it for you.
  3. Maintenance
    Everything breaks but not everything needs to be replaced. I am qualified to repair anything that uses electronics and specialize in repairing PC/MAC hardware and software problems. Let me be your technical handyman and fix those gadgets.
  • PC/Mac troubleshooting, data recovery, upgrade, and repair.
  • Cellphone troubleshooting, data recovery, and repair.
  • Video and audio system installation, troubleshooting and repair.
  • Security system installation, troubleshooting, upgrade, and repair.
  • Automotive and motorcycle electrical systems installation, troubleshooting, upgrade, and repair.